the venice of china - suzhou (2007);

Tuesday, April 01, 2014
After 4 days in Shanghai, we traveled on to Suzhou. The place where it's famous for canals and waterways, stone bridges, pagodas and exquisite gardens. About more than 40% of the city is covered in water, that being so, it definitely deserve the title as the Venice of China.

We visited a few of the classical gardens of Suzhou as well as a water town. Humble Administrator's Garden and Lingering Gardenare are among the four most famous classical gardens in China. One can take a relaxing stroll and soak into the serene ambiance unmatched anywhere. For those who appreciate it, the artistic merit of the gardens is also noteworthy. It is well worth the effort to get here if you are already in Shanghai since it's only a 45 minutes bullet train journey.

While traveling in China, you will soon realize that space and clean air are considered as a luxury. In the gardens, you will be able to have a peaceful experience in full view of the beauty. The gardens are meticulously planned, beautifully crafted and so lovingly preserved.

This is an extremely photogenic area of China so make sure you have an extra memory card and battery for your camera. I would recommend one to take the boat tour as the peaceful ride will provide a glimpse of how people live along the canal. Try to get on a boat right before or during sunset, you will be able to see the lanterns light up along the canal, which can be quite a magical experience.