London (2012)

Friday, September 19, 2014

I don't even know how to begin with London. I bought my flight ticket about a week before i had to fly, at the spur of the moment. My first solo trip, and i decided to go somewhere that is 6,500 miles away from home. It felt unreal, even after i touchdown at Heathrow airport. All thanks to a very comfortable flight with Qatar (the in-flight entertainment was amazing), i wasn't exhausted nor jetlagged. Bleary-eyed but ecstatic at the same time, i finally made my way out of the airport.


Decided to stop by Buckingham Palace since i'm in time for the changing of the guard ceremony. Being one of the most popular tourist attraction in London, the crowd was way too overwhelming for me and i didn't stay for too long. But that prince charming on that gorgeous black horse is definitely worth the stop.


I love walking around the parks with all the greeneries and fresh air, can't help but be in good spirits with the surroundings. One of my favourite park is Hype Park, where they even have lounge chairs by the lake and i can imagine spending a nice afternoon reading by the lake. Spring is definitely looking so damn fine with all the fresh flowers blossoming, but i clearly underestimated how cold it can be and ended up freezing most of the time.

The artsy fartsy side of me couldn't resist stoping by liverpool street to see some street graffiti art, and i wasn't disappointed. The attention to details was mind blowing. The Shoreditch area of London has been a significant street art location since the early 2000s. The work on the wall is constantly changing, so do drop by and explore around or join a walking tour if you're interested.


Being my first time in London, i just had to see the typical attractions - Big Ben, London Eye, London Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, The Monument, National Gallery, Westminster Abbey, etc. With so many iconic attractions, sightseeing in London is boundless. The antiquity and historic splendour was captivating, and its amazing diversity and unparalleled green spaces is a beauty.


I manage to meet up with a friend, and she brought me to Chinatown for the famous duck rice at Four Seasons. It was nice meeting up with friends at new places, having a tour guide to bring me around, and also a shopping companion at PRIMARK! :) You won't want to miss out this place in London, this is the place to be if you love shopping (who doesn't?!). I actually only found out about this place when i noticed almost everyone on the street is carrying paperbags from there. After shopping we stopped by Snog for some delicious yogurt ice-cream.


There’s a lot to love about London, like the art and the culture and the tea and the SCONES! Who can resist having an english afternoon tea in the country where it originated. Besides that, what i love about London is that it is an eclectic mix of everything. I particularly love the history at every turn where it is just oozing out to be absorbed as you go. I was only there for a few days and looking at the pictures now, i can't wait to be reunited with it. Need to start planning a trip back next year! :)

Till then,